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Do you feel better when you’re able to solve a plumbing problem on your own? Of course you do. There are times when simple problems can be solved by a handy homeowner. But for many cases, the skill and knowledge of a licensed plumber is required. A good example of such a case is a burst pipe.

Burst pipes are no picnic. They require fast and effective repair to stop possibly hundreds of gallons of water from causing structural and electrical damage to your home. Fixing them usually requires opening the wall, replacing the damaged pipe and then closing the wall. If tiles are present, and often times they are, they too will require fixing. This can be an expensive job since many pipe bursts occur in “wet rooms”, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Here are some steps you can take to prevent a pipe burst in your home:

  •  Insulate all your water supply pipes
  • Never allow your home’s temperature to drop below freezing in the winter. If you’re a snowbird who vacates your residence during cold months, it is best to drain your pipes and close the water supply to your house.
  •  Fix leaky faucets in and around the home to prevent them from freezing.
  •  Find your main shut off valve and label it. Make sure you know how to operate it.

Contrary to popular belief, pipe bursts do not occur suddenly. Pipes deteriorate over time. Sounds of running water often occur weeks before you notice signs of a leak: dampness, mold, swelling of plaster or paint. A+ Plumbing and Heating can identify burst pipelines well before they happen. It is important to give us a call as soon as you suspect something is wrong. If you hear running water, or if your water bill has spiked up, turn off all your water fixtures and call us immediately. Don’t wait for the water to come gushing out of your ceiling.

One way to check for a leak early is to take readings from the water meter located at the front of your house. If all of your water sources are turned off, sinks, baths, showers, toilets, outdoor hoses, and the star or triangle shaped device on your meter is spinning, water is running somewhere through your pipes. If this occurs, turn off your main water supply and call us right away.

Pipe bursts are expensive, time consuming, and difficult. They can upset a home for a significant period. If you suspect you may have a leak anywhere in your home, call A+ Plumbing and Heating at (203)937.0562 We are here to help you.


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