Heating Services

Whether you heat with a furnace or a boiler, A+ Plumbing and Heating can install, fix, or replace any equipment you may have.

We have an S1 license from the State of Connecticut signifying our expertise on heating systems. We are the experts you can trust.

“Sec. 20-332-5. Licenses issued by the state board of heating, piping, cooling, and sheet metal work examiners.The following licenses shall be issued by the state board of heating, piping, cooling, and sheet metal work examiners: (a) Unlimited heating-cooling contractor’s license (S-1). The holder of this license may do all heating, piping and cooling work as defined in Section 20-330 of the Connecticut General Statutes.”

Furnace Installation & Repairs

Today, homeowners have many choices in furnaces that can deliver heat and comfort to the home. Many furnaces are two stages in design. A two-stage furnace moderates up and down temperature changes, which can substantially lower your energy bill. A variable speed furnace has fan motors that move at different speeds to precisely control the flow of air throughout your home. Better airflow control means a better balance of comfort. Another option to save on heating costs is individual zoning options. This option may not be available in all homes. We can help you decide if it’s applicable in your home.

Boiler Installation & Repairs

A boiler system uses hot water to provide heat for your house. If you have a boiler system in your home, then you should have baseboards, radiators, or floor radiant heating. Boilers are very efficient. The circulating draw, the part of the boiler that helps the water move through the system, is more efficient than forced hot air at moving the same amount of heat. A boiler is capable of meeting the heating needs of each room in a house. It does this through the use of multiple zones. Zone valves on each radiator or baseboard can each be connected to individual thermostats that allow the owner to adjust the temperature from room to room. While not always practical, boiler systems can be used as a hot water system in the home. Since hot water is being generated anyway, it is possible to tie in the boiler to your hot water system. This would be an option if the lack of space is a consideration. Boilers are not for everyone. They take time to heat up. A pipe can freeze if you’re away from home for an extended period and don’t leave the heat on. It does not make sense to use a boiler if you have or want central air conditioning in your home. It is nearly impossible to tie a boiler into the air conditioning system, and having separate systems for your heat and central air conditioning doesn’t make sense.